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Wildlife and Forest Crime  

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United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) on Wildlife and Forest Crime

"Wildlife and forest" refers to all fauna and flora, including animals, birds and fish, as well as timber and non-timber forest products. "Wildlife and forest crime" refers to the taking, trading, importing, exporting, processing, possessing, obtaining and consumption of wild fauna and flora, including timber and other forest products, in contravention of national or international law. Broadly speaking, wildlife and forest crime is the illegal exploitation of the world's wild flora and fauna.

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International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime (ICCWC)

In November 2009, various international organizations and agencies decided to come together to work jointly on the formation of an international consortium. Representatives from UNODC, CITES, INTERPOL, WCO and the World Bank held their first-ever joint meeting in Vienna to design a strategy intended to prevent and combat illegal trade in wild animals and plants. They decided to form the International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime (ICCWC) to jointly move forward in a coordinated manner.

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Global Programme for Combating Wildlife and Forest Crime

The Global Programme (GP) acts as the overarching, umbrella programme for UNODC activities on wildlife and forest crime. It is a four-year programme aiming to link existing regional efforts in a global system, enhancing capacity-building and wildlife law enforcement networks at regional and sub-regional levels. The GP is working for and with the wildlife law enforcement community to ensure that wildlife crime, illegal logging, and related crimes are treated as serious transnational organized crimes.

World Wildlife Day (3 March)

World Wildlife Day is an opportunity to celebrate the many beautiful and varied forms of wild fauna and flora and to raise awareness of the multitude of benefits that conservation provides to people. At the same time, the Day reminds us of the urgent need to step up the fight against wildlife crime, which has wide-ranging economic, environmental and social impacts.



Cover Art
Following the Proceeds of Environmental Crime - Gregory Rose (Editor)
Call Number: 574.62 F65 [9792]
ISBN: 9780415532396
Publication Date: 2014-06-26
Huge quantities of natural resources are illegally harvested and their proceeds laundered in the Asia-Pacific region, fostering corruption and undermining environmental governance. Most illegal exploitation and pollution occurs in countries with poor governance capacities, but much of the sale for profit and money laundering occurs in mature markets with well-developed governance capacities. Their asymmetrical enforcement capacities can complement each other. This book explores ways to combat illegal fishing and logging in Asia-Pacific region by the use of cooperative legal measures, particularly anti-money laundering and confiscation of proceeds techniques. Contributors to this volume cover themes including: the nature of transnational environmental crime; patterns in laundering of illicit fish and forest products; networks for distribution of illicit products; weaknesses in current systems for assurance of the legality of products; and international legal cooperation to enforce anti-money laundering laws in relation to illicit products. In considering these topics the book explores how the innovative use of anti-money laundering measures and the seizure of criminal proceeds can as policy options to combat transnational fishery and forestry crimes. The book will be of keen interest to scholars and students of environmental law and criminal law, and excellent use for practitioners in natural resources conservation law.

Cover Art
The Un's Lone Ranger - John M. Sellar
Call Number: 339.194:502.172 [9073]
ISBN: 9781849951036
Publication Date: 2014-05-07
Illegal trade in wildlife is now recognized as one of the most significant criminal activities in the world, bringing billions of dollars in illicit profits to organized crime groups and networks, which are acknowledged to control much of this trafficking. Until 2011, John M. Sellar was the most senior law enforcement official operating transnationally to combat these activities, drawing upon his previous 24 years of experience in the Scottish Police Force investigating serious crime. Following his secondment as Chief of Enforcement to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), he was labelled by the media as 'The UN's Lone Ranger'.

Cover Art
Ivory, Horn and Blood - Ronald Orenstein; Iain Douglas-Hamilton
Call Number: 339.194:502.172 [8036-1]
ISBN: 9781770852273
Publication Date: 2013-07-25
Ivory, Horn and Blood sketches out a crime story that, for most, is unseen and takes place thousands of miles away and in countries that few will visit. But like the trade in illegal drugs, the trade in elephant tusks and rhinoceros horns has far-reaching implications not only for two species of endangered animals but also for all of us who are ultimately touched by a world-wide underground economy whose pillars are organized crime, corruption and violence. Among the topics explored are: Ivory and Luxury and Rhino Horn and Medicine.

Cover Art
Killing for Profit - Julian Rademeyer
Call Number: 339.194:502.172 [8036-2]
ISBN: 9781770223349
Publication Date: 2013-03-15
Rhino horn is worth more than cocaine, heroin or even gold on the black markets of Southeast Asia and China. Now, Killing for Profit brings you the story of one man's journey into a violent underworld where ruthless criminal syndicates will stop at nothing to attain their prize - a tale of greed and corruption and of an increasingly desperate battle to save from extinction an animal that has existed for over 50 million years. This book will appeal to anyone concerned about the survival of our endangered animal species and the environment in general.

Cover Art
Illegal Trade in Environmentally Sensitive Goods - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development  Icon
ISBN: 9789264174221
Publication Date: 2012-10-01
Illegal trade in environmentally sensitive goods, such as threatened wildlife, timber, hazardous waste, and ozone-depleting substances, has been a long-standing issue in the international trade and environment agenda. The nature of such illegal trade makes it difficult to fully understand its extent and impact on the environment. Developing effective policies to reduce illegal trade requires a clear understanding of what drives this trade and the circumstances under which it thrives. In this report, evidence-based on customs data and information from licensing schemes is used to document the scale of illegal trade, as well as the economic and environmental impacts of such trade. National and international policies have an important role to play in regulating and reducing illegal trade and the report highlights a range of measures that can be taken at both levels.

Cover Art
Sold into Extinction - Jacqueline L. Schneider
Call Number: 339.194:502.172 [6887]
ISBN: 9780313359392
Publication Date: 2012-01-01
The illegal trade in endangered species is a worldwide problem that involves not only animals but also plants, and it contributes to troubling factors such as organized crime as well as the further decline of the earth's natural climate. This book explores the extensive endangered species illegal market, spotlighting the worldwide nature and extent of the problem, and presents revealing case studies of terrestrial, marine, plant, and avian species. "Sold into Extinction: The Global Trade in Endangered SpecieS" focuses attention on the plight of endangered wild flora and fauna as well as the specific illegal acts committed against them that have long and largely been ignored by criminology. The author provides a fresh look at the topic by presenting it within a crime reduction framework, an approach rarely taken by those with traditional criminological or conservation backgrounds, demonstrating how an innovative strategy to reduce illegal market activities can simultaneously further the conservation of these endangered species. International treaties, national and domestic laws, and international policing efforts pertaining to crimes involving endangered species are also examined.


  • Environmental Policy and Law  Icon
    This international journal is created to encourage the exchange of information and experience on all legal, administrative and policy matters relevant to the human and natural environment: air, water and soil pollution as well as waste management; the conservation of flora and fauna; development and conservation of the world's non-renewable resources.
  • Crime, Law and Social Change  Icon
    Crime, Law and Social Change is a peer reviewed journal that publishes essays and reviews addressing the political economy of organized crime. In addition, the journal presents work on environmental crime and the expropriation of resources from developing nations.
  • Environmental Conservation  Icon
    Environmental Conservation is one of the longest-standing, most highly-cited of the interdisciplinary environmental science journals. It includes research papers, reports, comments, subject reviews, and book reviews addressing environmental policy, practice, and natural and social science of environmental concern at the global level.
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    The Journal of Wildlife Management (JWM), published since 1937, is one of the world’s leading scientific journals covering wildlife science, management, and conservation.

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